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"I enjoy doing work for the community. I get a good feeling when I do something good."

"The interaction with people in aged care homes has really exposed me to their lifestyle and it has made me realise that they are such friendly and loveable people. Hence making me really appreciate this opportunity to meet them."

Program Summary


In March 2018 the inaugural Bridge program ran at the Greenway centre. 15 participants completed the program and gained essential employability, teamwork and leadership skills.

Partner Institutions

Our Partner Greenway

Our partnership with Greenway is our core partnership. In our initial discussion with Greenway we found out they had no external volunteers and the facility (with population of around 400) was run by a group of volunteer residents.


They were very excited for the opportunity to have students come and help out in anyway, with the core task being assisting with food  delivered to them by OzHarvest on Tuesday and Friday. 

Why Greenway Needs You

"The Greenway Community Centre needs a team of about 20 volunteers to operate all the services and what we have is about 8 volunteers so we are always running short staffed."

Terry Kemp | Greenway Tenants Group

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